Wakanda Inu: The Many Stories of our Successes thus far

3 min readDec 1, 2021


It is 25 days since the launch of Wakanda Inu $WKD and it is expected that while the market does its thing, the many achievements we have been able to make together as a community should be resounded again and again.

Within a short time, we have made so much progress and so as we celebrate a new month, and enter the period of festivities, we should celebrate our wins. So here they are;

Partnership with Anyswap

One of our recent many wins is the partnership with Anyswap. Anyswap is a decentralized protocol enabling the swapping of crypto assets between chains. Through the partnership, we have created a bridge to the Ethereum Network. This means that members of the Ethereum community can now have WKD in the native ERC-20 format. This also affords us the privilege of listing on ethereum supported cryptocurrency exchanges which include DEXes such as Uniswap and Sushiswap. The BSC-ETH Bridge for Wakanda Inu WKD is live HERE and the ETH contract HERE.

Listed on Over 12 Exchanges/Platforms

One of the many successes we have achieved since the launch of Wakanda Inu is the super-fast listing on multiple exchanges. Currently Wakanda Inu is on over 12 trading platforms across the globe which includes both centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. Work is currently ongoing to have Wakanda Inu listed on several other exchanges. A statement will be released soon.

Burning of 750 Trillion WKD tokens (76% of Max Supply)

As a community-driven project, we have also announced that after listening to the community some days ago, we had decided to burn a total of 750 Trillion WKD Tokens worth $150 Million at the time. Burn date is set to 7th December, 2021 when the tokens become unlocked.

Listed on Top Price Trackers

Wakanda Inu WKD is currently listed on top price trackers such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. You can also find Wakanda Inu on Coinbase price tracker, as well as on Crypto.com, Nomics.com amongst others. On decentralized price trackers, you can track Wakanda Inu on DEXTOOLs, CAKETOOLs and on POOCOIN.

Over 90,000 WKD Holders

Since the release of WKD for trading after the public sale on Pinksale.Finance, we have been growing at an astronomical rate. Today, we currently have over 90K WKD holders. This shows an average daily growth of over 3800 WKD holders. We expect more growth even as we have expanded into the Ethereum Community.

Audit by Top Smart Contract Auditor — Certik

Quality is imperative. Trust must be earned. It must not be bought like a commodity off the shelf in the mall. We believe using one of the best Smart Contract Auditors in the Crypto industry will show just how much we are secured from aggression. The Wakanda Inu smart contract has been audited by Certik and we are happy to show the results here.

Began First Charity Case

One of the many things we said we are going to do is Charity. We are happy to also say that our first Charity Project has begun. We will reveal details soon.

Remaking of our website & NFT Marketplace

We have also remade our website, adding new information and making it seem even user friendly and attractive. We have also hinted on the launch of a NFT Marketplace. Currently, the detail of the NFT Marketplace is scanty, and that was intentional. We will unveil once we finalize. For now, you can join the waiting list to be the first to know when it launches.

Marketing & Publicity Initiatives

Within the 25 days post launch, we have launched a TikTok Dancing Challenge, held Meet-ups in several countries and as well as featured Wakanda Inu WKD advert banner on one of the most popular transportation vehicles in Lagos, Nigeria called BRT Bus.

As we move into a new month filled with many possibilities, let us take a moment to appreciate the many successes we have achieved within this short period and continue to marshal on.

We have more to share, but for now, let us have a wonderful week ahead.

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