Wakanda Inu: The African Crypto Blazing the Trail with Real-World Social Impact

5 min readApr 7, 2022


Wakanda Inu commissions solar-powered borehole water in Biala community, Kwara State, Nigeria

Wakanda Inu (WKD) commissions solar powered water in the Biala Community, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Wakanda Inu ($WKD) is a cryptocurrency token held by over 113,000 (One Hundred and Thirteen Thousand) people, the highest number of holders in any African Cryptocurrency project. It was Built as a charity-oriented meme token and, to project the strength of the African people across the globe. With a lot of soon-to-be-released use-cases such as NFT marketplace, Decentralised exchange, Launchpad, and a staking platform in the works, we have once again turned our focus towards giving back to the communities surrounding our loyal and esteemed holders.

The United Nations Children’s Fund reported that over 100,000 children under five die of water-borne diseases annually in Nigeria — 90 percent of these deaths were linked to unsafe water and sanitation.

Women particularly suffer from the lack of availability to clean and safe water. Charged with transporting water, women and children walk miles to fetch water daily. And, every time they hit the road for a distant water source, they risk facing violence along the way.

Decent access to clean, close water reduces that risk, gives women more time and security to invest in family and community development, and gives children the opportunity to be in school.

The vast majority of people living in extreme poverty live in rural areas and depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood.

The well-being of these small-scale farmers is closely tied to the natural environment, and they are highly vulnerable to environmental destruction, water shortages, and climate change.

That’s why the Wakanda Inu Charity’s mission is to provide good quality water that can improve the lives of people in the communities around Wakanda Inu holders. The Wakanda Inu Team believes that access to clean water is not just a basic human necessity but a fundamental human right. Their goal is to touch thousands of underprivileged people affected by disaster and poverty through her charity.

Against this backdrop, the Wakanda Inu Charity Team sent a team to seek out a particular Liala Village after reading about their prolonged water menace from a reputable media report.

However, in what could be tagged as a twist of fate, the team arrived with a report on Biala Community, 5km from Malete (location of the Prestigious Kwara State University) in Moro LGA, Kwara State, North Central Nigeria. This community has had its share of unsafe water problems because no government, organisation, or individuals had come to their aid.

Everyone in this community had lost trust and given up hope of obtaining good water after many organisations and individuals promised them water with no follow-through.

These villagers living in an isolated rural area spend hours walking more than 4 kilometres to drink out of a dirty stream and fetch water for their household. This water is contaminated and barely sufficient for the community.

Access to clean water means good education, income, and health — especially for women, children, and the entire community. To achieve this, the Wakanda Inu Charity Team implemented a Solar-Powered Borehole water project for the community.

In an interview with the Wakanda Inu media team during the flag-off of the Borehole water project on 19th, March 2022 some villagers detailed how they had gone three to six days without having their bath. They also narrated how this water challenge makes them skip their dinners since there was no water to cook.

This water project will in no small measure improve the standard of living for the villagers. Small and medium-sized farmers can boost their crops, increase production rates, and improve nutrition. The incidence of water-related diseases has become a thing of the past across the community.

At the commissioning of the water project on 2nd April 2022, the community leaders expressed heartfelt gratitude, offered prayers, and committed to responsibly managing this new facility.

Notably, the Biala village water project is not the first to be executed by the Wakanda Inu Team, a similar project was commissioned on 15th January 2022 at Tamale, Belishee, northern Ghana. The next location for the next water project will be decided by our community.

You can bet your last dollar that Wakanda Inu takes the front seat when it comes to imparting the lives of people.

Website: https://wakandainu.com