Wakanda Inu $5,000 and 3.6 Billion WKD TikTok Global Dance Challenge

2 min readNov 20, 2021


Do you love dancing? Are you one who can wow an audience with your dance moves?

Here is an opportunity to dance your way into $2,000 and lots of other amazing prizes.

All you need to do is record a 15 seconds video showcasing your dance steps in the Wakanda way using the Wakanda Inu soundtrack and at the end of the video echo the words 'buy and hold Wakanda Inu'.

It's that simple.


1. Have a minimum of 2 dancers wearing white t-shirts with the Wakanda Inu logo printed on it.

2. Entry to the challenge starts on the 29th of November and ends on the 17th of December for the entry to be accepted.


1st $2,000 & 250M WKD

2nd $1,500 & 150M WKD

3rd $1,000 & 100M WKD

4th $500 & 100M WKD

5th 500,000,000 WKD

6th 500,000,000 WKD

7th 500,000,000 WKD

8th 500,000,000 WKD

9th 500,000,000 WKD

10th 500,000,000 WKD

Points to note: 
Download Wakanda Inu logo and Soundtrack > https://bit.ly/wakandainutc

Follow our official tiktok account, post your video, tag us @wakandainu and use the hashtags; #WKD #WakandaInu #WakandaInuForever #Crypto for your entry to be accepted.

Follow us WakandaInu on TikTok.

Winners will be declared on 20th December 2021.

Winners will be judged by the total number of shares, so get creative and get the ball rolling!

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