Understanding Market Forces: Why Cryptocurrency Prices Drops

4 min readApr 6, 2023

The financial revolution that cryptocurrency has brought has taken the world by storm. There are a lot of new types of products and possibilities being unlocked thanks to the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies — blockchain. Blockchain features unparalleled transparency, security, and decentralization, and it has become an interesting go-to technology for businesses and individuals seeking to exploit its unique features.

Despite the many great benefits which blockchain offers, there is still some misconceptions about what it is and how it works. One of the most common misconceptions is that developers control the price of cryptocurrencies. This can be a concern for some crypto investors or traders especially when the price of a cryptocurrency suddenly plummets since they do not know the price of cryptocurrencies are a function of market forces — supply and demand.

In this article, we will discuss why cryptocurrency prices fall and what factors contribute to such situations.

How are cryptocurrency prices determined?

Before exploring the reasons for cryptocurrency price declines, it's crucial to understand how cryptocurrency prices are determined. The price of cryptocurrencies is subject to market forces, supply, and demand. Their value can fluctuate rapidly based on changes in market sentiment and investor behavior. What this means is that the price of cryptocurrencies can be influenced by a wide range of factors, ranging from global events to investor psychology.

What factors contribute to the cryptocurrency price decline?

Supply and Demand

The ebb and flow of prices in the crypto market are directly influenced by supply and demand dynamics. Increased demand can manifest as higher prices while an oversupply will drive prices down. These fluctuations mirror classic economic principles and can be a key factor in shaping investment decisions. For instance, if a cryptocurrency project has low supply and high demand, the price will probably skyrocket. But the price will drop if there is a high supply and little demand for the coin or token.

Market Manipulation

One of the main reasons why cryptocurrency prices go down is market manipulation. Unlike traditional financial markets, crypto markets are unregulated, making them vulnerable to manipulation by big players or "whale" — investors with significant amounts of cryptocurrency.

These whales can use their holdings to artificially influence the market in their favor by buying or selling large amounts of cryptocurrency all at once, causing sudden price changes. Moreover, fake news and rumors can result in market manipulation, increasing investor uncertainty and causing panic. This leads to a drop in prices and a sell-off.

Technical Issues

Technical issues can also cause cryptocurrency prices to go down. Take, for instance, the relationship between a product and its users: when a bug arises in the code of a specific product, it can lead to a decline in trust and a loss of momentum. Conversely, when a product is well-maintained and its infrastructure is sound, it is far more likely to succeed with users.

News and Events

The cryptocurrency market is remarkably responsive to news and events that can impact the larger financial community. For example, when new cryptocurrency regulations are issued, the price of cryptocurrencies may fall as investors become unwilling to participate in a heavily regulated market. Similarly, when a major cryptocurrency exchange is hacked or shut down, it can cause panic among investors, leading to a sell-off and price drops.

Speculation and Hype

The cryptocurrency market is also highly speculative, with investors often buying and selling cryptocurrencies based on rumors and hype rather than solid fundamentals. As a project's utility becomes more evident, the hype may fade, which results in a price decline.

For example, in 2017, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, mainly due to hype and speculation. Nonetheless, as the euphoria faded and the reality of Bitcoin as a payment mechanism became apparent, the price plummeted drastically.

Note: These are just some of the reasons cryptocurrency prices decline. Many other factors can affect cryptocurrency prices, and the market is highly unpredictable.


Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, no centralized organization or team of developers can control their prices. Instead, the collective buying and selling decisions made on different cryptocurrency exchanges determine the price of cryptocurrencies.

When investing in cryptocurrency, remember that prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. Your neighbor may be the one selling the coin you're interested in, while your relative could be the one buying what you're looking to sell. It's important to note that price drops aren't necessarily the fault of the cryptocurrency developers. Developers have no control over market forces and, while they can improve the project, ultimately it's up to the investors to make decisions. By doing research and understanding the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency, investors can make informed decisions and avoid panic when prices dip.

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