Top Four (4) Reasons Why Wakanda Inu ($WKD) will be big in 2022

4 min readJan 13, 2022

Wakanda Inu started as a meme project. Unlike other memes, the project is now on the path to becoming more than just a joke token with a continuously increasing community size. Before the list, here is a summary of the journey so far:

In November 2021, the project had a public sale and raised over 1300 BNB (almost 1million dollars at the time) within 24 hours. Just a few minutes after the sales ended, liquidity was provided and WKD began to trade on pancakeswap, soon after, centralized exchanges started to list the token which is now traded on over 15 exchanges globally with decent volumes on bad crypto days.

While remaining community-centric, the team burned out of existence, 75% of the $WKD total supply to assure the community of its commitment to the project.

With the journey so far out of the way, here are top 4 (four) reasons why $WKD will become an important project in 2022.

1. Wakanda Inu NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs as they are popularly called have come to stay. It has come to permeate every aspect of our existence. Now, multibillion-dollar companies are releasing their own NFT collections, celebrities, and other highly placed personalities are also hopping on the train to issue their NFTs while others are buying NFTs at such mind-blowing prices.

The Wakanda Inu NFT marketplace will become a robust platform for creators and artists to showcase the beauty and ingenuity of their creative work: a place where historical, cultural symbols come to life. This brings the physical and digital world together, creating a foundation for what will possibly become a Wakanda Inu metaverse in the future.

The NFT marketplace is under intense development and will be launched in Q1. Wakanda Inu Project’s NFT waitlist page was launched in December for subscribers who want to receive first-hand info about the launch and hopefully qualify for some possible exclusive benefits.

2. Wakanda Inu Lab and DAO

Because it's a community-driven project, the team behind the project will be setting up a system to grant incentives to developers and project builders who are actively contributing to the development of the Wakanda Inu ecosystem. This will open rooms for quality products to reach the growing community while creating multiple use-cases.

The DAO will begin to be used frequently as the community makes their voice heard using Snapshot.

The detaisl of this initiative will be released before the end of Q1.

3. So much in a short while, so much more in a long while

Within a few weeks after launch, Wakanda Inu was able to achieve unprecedented growth making it one of the fastest-growing projects in its category.

Within the few weeks of launch, Wakanda Inu was listed on CoinmarketCap, Coingecko; appeared on Coinbase, Crypto.Com, Nomics, Coinstats price trackers among others. It reached a market capitalization of over $30 million and over a 4000% growth rate from the token sale price and 100,000 organic holders.

In 2022, with more time and growth index, Wakanda Inu will be able to explore a wide range of options and work together with its community, make partnerships, make market promotions and achieve sustainable success as the community continues to expand.

4. We are all believers

A popular crypto evangelist and promoter once said “No community, No crypto”. This means without a community, there will be no cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has grown to become what it is today because of early believers who made others see the vision and buy into it. The successes we have recorded over the weeks since the launch of Wakanda Inu has been because of the large and vibrant community which has been pushing the project in their own way.

Today, we are all believers in the mission of bitcoin and of course, without Bitcoin, Wakanda Inu may not have been born. Thus, the Wakanda Inu community will be one of the biggest factors for the onward growth of the Wakanda Inu project.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. While this was initially used referring to the Wakanda Inu project, it also applies to the community as a whole – that we can together take the project beyond the moon in 2022. The question is will you be part of the journey?

We’ll be making a series of announcements. Watch out for them.

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