The Wakanda Inu (WKD) NFT Raffle is now live!

4 min readApr 20, 2023


The Wakanda Inu raffle draw is a new and exciting NFT raffle that offers the opportunity to win rewards while supporting a great cause.

The raffle draw is a multi-winner system organized by the Wakanda Inu community.

The Wakanda Inu raffle draw runs by allowing a participant to mint 1 type of the 5 unique sets of Wakanda Inu NFTs (HATUT_ZERAZ_E) in cycles. In each cycle, 2000 of these NFTs can be minted, and each NFT minted is an automatic entry ticket to participate in the raffle draw.

WKD Raffle is the first use-case for Wakanda Inu NFT, and it is designed to use most of the funds accrued from NFT minting to develop and promote the Wakanda Inu ecosystem.

Fund distribution in each Cycle

The funds from each Raffle is distributed in the following order. 
50% of the cycle funds are shared among winning entries as the cycle reward, making it an engaging experience for individuals looking to benefit from the raffle draws. 12% of funds are set apart for funding the DAO multi-sig, which will be used to support the promotion of social and development of dApps that further promotes the use-cases of WKD token and WKD INU NFTs. The DAO funds will also be used to finance Wakanda Inu Charity efforts and will be voted on by the community. 5% of each cycle fund incentivizes those who referred others to participate in the WKDRaffle. 15% is used to buy back and burn WKD tokens from Pancakeswap and Wakandaswap, effectively removing that amount from circulation and increasing the price floor of $WKD token in the market.

Whenever you enter a raffle cycle, Type 1 (HATUT_ZERAZ_E) NFT is minted. But you can decide to upgrade to the high-tier and rarer kind of NFTs.

They are:





Only HATUT_ZERAZ_E NFT is mintable via the raffle draw. The other 4 can only be gotten through an upgrade.

NFTs Upgrade Requirements:

To upgrade to KIMOYO, you'll require 200 HATUT_ZERAZ_E NFTs.

For upgrade to DORA_MILAJ_E, 10 KIMOYO NFTs are needed.

Upgrading m to TAIFA_NAGA_O requires 3 DORA_MILAJ_E NFTs.

While getting the rarest NFTs, the NEGUS will demand for 2 TAIFA_NAGA_O

One of the benefits of type 2, 3, 4, and 5 NFTs is that holders will share 3% of the proceeds of each cycle. These NFTs will become very valuable and rare in our development journey. Here's how the 3% are shared among the top NFT holders.

KIMOYO - 18%



NEGUS - 33%

Note: NFT upgrade is optional, and in the future, we will release a marketplace where these NFTs can be traded. NFTs are transferable.

The Wakanda Inu community is passionate about using cryptocurrency to bring digital financial inclusion to Africa, and the raffle draw is one way we plan to accomplish this.

Why Participate In The Wakanda Inu Raffle Draw?

Undoubtedly, there are many reasons why you should consider taking part in the Wakanda Inu raffle.

The Opportunity For Big Wins
Since every participant gets unique NFTs to hold onto even if they do not win, the Wakanda Inu raffle draw is an attractive choice for anyone intending to benefit from the raffle system. The winners will be selected randomly using the Binance Oracle VRF and share 50% of the proceeds realized from the raffle draw.

Supporting A Good Cause 
Participants in the Wakanda Inu raffle draw will not only win huge prizes but also be helping a good cause since a portion of the mint revenue goes to a charitable initiative backed by the community, creating a win-win scenario for all parties.

A Unique Way To Participate In The Cryptocurrency Market

The Wakanda Inu raffle offers a unique option for people to engage in the NFT market without making substantial financial commitments.

It lets people understand more about NFTs without taking on the risk and uncertainty of investing in them.

It's Easy To Participate
All you need to do is buy and hold BNB tokens in your wallet. There are no complicated procedures or requirements when you connect your wallet with our raffle system, and you can participate from anywhere in the world.

How To Participate In The Wakanda Inu WKD Raffle Draw

It is simple to enter the Wakanda Inu raffle. 
Here are the steps to take:

STEP 1: Buy BNB tokens from any cryptocurrency CEX or DEX exchange, like Wakanda Swap.

STEP 2: Transfer the tokens to a wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain, like Metamask or Trust wallet.

STEP 3: Head to the Wakanda Inu raffle draw platform to mint your HATUT_ZERAZ_E NFT when a cycle opens.

STEP 4: Hold the NFTs in your wallet for the duration of the raffle draw. The more NFTs you mint, the more chances you have to win.

STEP 5: Wait for the raffle draw to take place. Winners are selected randomly using the Binance Oracle VRF.

STEP 6: Did you win? If yes, burn your winning NFTs to claim your BNB prize. And if you didn't win, hold onto your NFTs, as they'll be needed when upgrading to the most valuable ones.


The Wakanda Inu raffle draw is a unique and exciting way to participate in nascent yet fast-growing world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. By buying and holding Wakanda Inu tokens, you’re supporting a growing and passionate community of like-minded individuals using the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for a charitable cause.

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