Introducing Wakanda Inu Whitelisting

The train to Wakanda is gearing up, with another part of the turbo engine locked in and ready for action

🛤️ Whitelisting process in 3… 2… 1

NB: To become a flagship holder of Wakanda Inu, all must be worthy. There are no team tokens. All willing team members must join the whitelist and buy the coin they get

In line with the Communal Ethos of Wakanda:

‼️ There are No team tokens

‼️ There were No private sales

‼️ And all team members Must join the Whitelist

Let’s go 🚀🚀

Staying true to the culture given down to us by the Ancestral Wakandan Spirits, only those who are truly worthy can hold Vibranium-infused Wakanda Inu Coins

This shortlist of 2500 initial ambassadors of the kingdom will be made up of only the truest members of the two sections of the Wakanda Army: the Champions and the Warriors

Champions: 1500 users selected randomly by the gods from our whitelisting form

🛖Warriors: The top 1000 winners of our upcoming community-building referral contest

🌍 The Lottery Whitelisting form for champion selection is now open, you can enter here

🌍 The Referral Contest for Warriors begins immediately, just click this link to start the bot and after completing the process, invite as many persons as possible to the contest.

🌍 Winning members from both options will get access to contribute for 30 minutes before the sale opens up to the general Wakandan Populace

Stay tuned for more information on the TGE and upcoming contests

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Africa’s №1 Meme Token

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Africa’s №1 Meme Token

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