How Wakanda Inu's Token Burn Policy Ensures Long-Term Viability - A Winning Strategy

3 min readMay 16, 2023


With a dynamic and encouraging community propelling our project, Wakanda Inu has emerged as a powerful contender in the cryptocurrency market. One way we’re expanding our project is through our weekly WKD token burn events.

In this article, we'll explore the token burn event's purpose, its advantages for the long-term sustainability of our Wakanda Inu project, and how our community members can participate and further support our initiatives through the WKD NFT Raffle draws.

What Exactly Is Token Burn?

The phrase "token burn" implies the intentional destruction, or "burning," of a particular number of tokens by transferring them to an unusable address, effectively removing them from circulation. The purpose of a token burn is to reduce the total supply, which can have several benefits for the project and its community.

In the case of Wakanda Inu, our WKD token burn events are programmed to occur every week. 15% of the $BNB generated from the WKD NFT Raffle draws is for the buyback and burn of $Wkd tokens during the token burn events. We have successfully burned 689 Billion WKD since the WKD NFT Raffle draw system went live. The token burn is an enormous accomplishment for us because it reduces the total supply of our WKD tokens and has numerous positive effects on our ecosystem.

Benefits of WKD Token Burn Events

Firstly, when the total supply of our WKD tokens reduces, the value of the tokens in circulation will likely increase. That's because there aren't as many tokens available on the open market for trading, which could increase their value. The increase in token value could attract more investors, which is beneficial for both the long-term viability of our project and early investors.

Secondly, the project can address inflation and price volatility by decreasing the overall supply of WKD tokens. The value of these tokens may diminish due to inflation, which can occur when a large number are in circulation. By burning a portion of our WKD tokens weekly, the token's value will stabilize and become more attractive to supporters and potential investors.

Finally, our $WKD token burn events also serve as a way to express gratitude to the holders who have actively contributed to and promoted our project. The WKD NFT Raffle draws offer our holders an opportunity to obtain NFTs that grant them a chance to win substantial prizes in BNB. Referring investors to our WKD NFT Raffle draws presents another avenue for our community members to secure sizable rewards. These WKD token burn events foster ongoing engagement in our project and assist in building a more robust and supportive Wakanda Inu community.


Our Wakanda Inu project thrives on the support of our dedicated community members and investors. That's why we regularly hold WKD token burn events, which is a crucial step to ensure its long-term success. It involves decreasing the total supply of WKD tokens, reducing inflation and price volatility, and increasing its overall value.

We encourage all Wakanda warriors to participate in the WKD NFT Raffle draws. This is a great opportunity to show your support for the ongoing development of Wakanda Inu and also stand a chance to win big.

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