Announcing 76% ($150M) Burn of Wakanda Inu WKD Max Supply

2 min readNov 18, 2021

We have heard you Wakanda Warriors,

We have listened with rapt attention and we are committed to execute.

We started the Wakanda Inu movement, marching with all zeal, climbing rocky mountains and leveling huge hills and today we are happy for the many successes we have recorded in the few days since launch.

For reminders, the Wakanda Inu token sale was conducted between 6th and 7th of November, 2021. After the token sale on Pinksale Finance, we immediately started trading on PancakeSwap and we have experienced phenomenal growth since then.

We have been listed on several price trackers such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Nomics, Coinbase etc.

We have also been listed in over 11 exchanges across the globe and currently have over 75K WKD holders.

Within this short period of time, we have achieved great things and will continue to work together to bring the best to our innumerable warriors.

Over the past days, we have been listening to the conversation in the community and we have heard you, our warriors.

When we launched, we had a quadrillion Max Supply and it was distributed into several parts, for token sale, marketing, development, liquidity and charity. We also reserved and locked a Treasury Fund of a total of 750 Trillion WKD tokens which is 76% of the Max Supply and currently worth around $150M.

This reserve or Treasury Fund has been a subject of debate. While we originally intended that there shall be a monthly burn of 12.5 Trillion WKD, we have heard you, understood your fears.

As a community driven project, we have come to the arrangement to burn the entire reserve of 76% (750 Trillion) WKD tokens currently valued at $150 Million in 18days when the tokens are unlocked.

You can monitor the count down timer here.

In one community, we strive and in one community we will thrive.

Details of the burn will be published once it is done.

We thank you for standing by us, and may the ancestors be with you.

Wakanda Inu to infinity!

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